Sexy Getaways For Couples

Sexy Getaways For Couples

Sexy Getaways For Couples

Is everyday life taking its toll on your sex life? This can happen to almost anyone — yes, even those sexy couples you follow on Instagram. If boredom has crept into this part of your life, there’s no time like the present to bring some lust and love back to your relationship! From a sex party to a hedonistic holiday and the introduction of sex toys for couples, the following ideas might help you put the spark back in your sex life.

Sex Parties

Depending on your age, you might know a sex party as a ‘swingers party,’ or a ‘play party.’ Whatever you or the hosts choose to call it, the focus of a sex party is always the same, and that’s to allow couples (and some individuals) to explore their sexuality safely. These parties can be local, held at a private residence, or abroad, where you and your partner could find yourself on a chartered cruise. There’s etiquette to follow, which differs from party to party, but the most important thing to remember is consent — consent is everything.

Risqué Resorts 

Looking for a hot destination to reignite your love life? Look no further than sexy resorts! First, you need to know that staying at a sexy resort doesn’t mean you or your partner have to participate in an orgy. But you definitely will have the option of being naughty! These destinations are a hit with couples who want to holiday in a more relaxed environment, which has nude beaches, clothing-optional pools, sexy playrooms, themed parties, and many like-minded people with fewer inhibitions than a traditional holiday spot. Just like sex parties, there is an etiquette you need to follow. And you’ll also want to keep applying sunscreen to those most delicate of areas — or get your partner to do it for you!

Sultry Staycations

Due to the obligations of being an adult, it’s not always easy to get away — especially in the midst of a global pandemic! So, while we all dream of traveling with our partners to a destination that’s hot and has cold cocktails, your only option might be a ‘staycation’ and not a vacation. A ‘staycation’ is a holiday spent closer to home, or in a lot of cases, actually at home. Do just that and go all out: order in and drink from a fully stocked cocktail bar. Then, crank up the heat and slip into something more comfortable — that includes your wife’s pussy, fellas. 

Sexy Toys

If you’re swamped with work and family, or just life in general, even a ‘staycation’ can be difficult to plan. Look at spicing up your sex life with some sex toys for couples! This is an almost surefire way to bring some sexiness back to your relationship. Guys can slip on a vibrating cock ring, which helps with bigger, stronger erections, and can also stimulate the clit. You can explore the ‘male G-spot’ AKA the ‘P-spot’ with a prostate massager to give your guy amazing full-body orgasms. It might even be as simple as sexy lingerie, a blindfold, and some lube. So, what are you waiting for? Get playing!

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