5 Health Benefits of Masturbation for Women

5 Health Benefits of Masturbation for Women

5 Health Benefits of Masturbation for Women

If you're on this page, you either masturbate, or you're interested in masturbating. And that's great because self-love is crucial for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Don't believe us? Just take a look at these five health benefits for women who masturbate.

1. Masturbating Alleviates Stress

Many of us lead very stressful lives, so it's a good idea to process all that stress physically — even if you don't have a partner and need to do so on your own. Masturbating can help you reduce all that stress by getting you into that moment where nothing else matters, so it's just you and your pleasure. And when you only concentrate on yourself and your pleasure, you drown out everyday life's stressful thoughts. So grab your favorite vibrator, lube, and get busy. Like meditating, but way more fun!

2. When 'Aunt Flow' Comes to Visit

Yes, masturbating could help you when you have your period. Some reports suggest that an orgasm's strength and intensity can alleviate the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. Sure, not all bodies are the same, but you might as well give it your best shot. You just might feel better and be satisfied!

3. Help Getting to Sleep

Tossing and turning all night is nobody's idea of a fun time. Plus, not getting enough sleep can lead to a downturn in your health. Thankfully, masturbating is an excellent way to get your mind and body ready for some shut-eye, especially when you can't turn your mind off or your sleeping pattern is all out of whack. How so? You'll find that the body is more relaxed after you cum, thanks to releasing the love hormones dopamine and oxytocin. Plus, some quality time with your dong or dildo is always a good time. 

4. The Safest of Sex

Worried about pregnancy or STDs? You don't have to think about either of these when you have sex with yourself! With no worries of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, you can be sure that self-love is the safest sex possible! This way, you can focus on getting yourself off. And, since you're the star of this show, maybe even focus on multiple orgasms or squirting! 

5. Love Yourself

Being aware of what you want and how to get it increases your confidence levels, which helps you in everyday life and adds to your sex life — it's a win-win. You'll find that self-love helps with that confidence since you get comfortable with what turns you on and what doesn't, and that makes you appreciate your body more.

So, here's to masturbating your way to good physical and mental health!


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