10 Sex Terms You've Probably Never Heard Of

10 Sex Terms You've Probably Never Heard Of

10 Sex Terms You've Probably Never Heard Of

Do you browse a certain porn website or your local video library and wonder what some of the tags and titles mean? Wonder no more because we're here to educate you — in what we'll call a 'dicktionary' — so you can turn off the safe search and grab a toy or your partner. From 69 to doggy-style, bareback, or raw dog, some terms are self-explanatory, but here are 10 sex terms you (probably) were too embarrassed to ask about…

1. Squirting

C'mon, you must have some idea as to what squirting is, right? It's when those with vaginas climax to the point of squirting. There's a lot to it and a lot to the squirting fluid, but we will confirm that squirting is real.

2. Scissoring

Nope, scissoring doesn't involve any scissors or cutting. It's not really a position, but more of a technique that allows women to get their bodies maneuvered in a way that lets them have pussy-on-pussy action. If you're a fan of the show South Park, you may have heard of it...just saying.

3. Creampie

The 'creampie' results from raw-dogging when the semen is visibly leaking, dripping, or seeping from a pussy or butthole.

4. Cuckolding

While it can be used as an insult, some men like to be a cuck, as in, watching their wife or partner have intercourse with another man. That's cuckolding.

5. Bukkake

Pronounced' boo-KAK-ay,' bukkake is when one participant is cum on by two or more other participants. It's like a 'facial,' but it normally includes a lot more people.

6. Water Sports

We're not referring to surfing, kayaking, or water polo. This particular type of water sports is when urine is included in a sex act — that can be a golden shower or even the imbibing of pee.

7. Pegging

Pegging is when a female partner wearing a strap-on penetrates their male partner. This lets a partner who is normally the penetrated become the penetrator and provide some anal play for him. And it's a nice change of pace for her!

8. Pearl Necklace

Hopefully, you won't be clutching at your pearl necklace with this explanation — a figurative pearl necklace, that is. This pearl necklace is when semen is ejaculated around the neck, chest, or breasts of a partner, which resembles — you guessed it — a pearl necklace.

9. Rusty Trombone

A 'rusty trombone' is when one partner performs anilingus from behind while reaching around to the front to jerk the johnson — mimicking the actions of someone playing the trombone. When done correctly, a rusty trombone will hit all the right notes!

10. Teabagging

It involves no tea, but it does involve bags! Teabagging is when the scrotum — the ball bag and bag in this act — is placed in the mouth of a willing partner and sucked. The action of dipping the bag in and out of the mouth obviously resembles a teabag's action.


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