Dear Funny Bunny: My Favorite Stroker Story

Dear Funny Bunny: My Favorite Stroker Story

Dear Funny Bunny: My Favorite Stroker Story

My Favorite Stroker Story

I am highly sexed male — always have been and always will be. This has made for an energetic sex life that has continued into married life. It helps that my beautiful wife is just as highly sexed, and even more adventurous than I am… but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Unfortunately, my wife spends a lot of time on the road for work, or visiting her parents in the next town over. This means I have a lot of time to myself, and that can mean only one thing, right?

Before we go any further in this story, let me get one thing straight: my wife and I have a monogamous relationship. But I still spend a lot of time with that other lady who makes regular appearances in my sex life. She doesn’t have a name, despite our intimate relationship, ‘cause she is actually a stroker AKA a masturbator, or whatever you call the male sex toy you use for masturbation or solo-sex. While a lot of guys just use their hands to get off, I like the feeling of a stroker, since it feels less like a hand job and more like real penetration.

So, one Friday, my wife goes to visit her folks. I come home to an empty house, a cool breeze, and even cooler beers in the fridge. After a couple of brews, I still feel a bit stressed from a long week of work. One of the best ways to deal with stress is, you guessed it, some sexual release.

I head to the bedroom and grab my stroker, drop trou, fall back on the bed, and stare at the ceiling and think about what I’d be doing with my wife if she was home. It feels good, don’t get me wrong, but I let out a small sigh and stop stimulating myself for a moment. Maybe I should wait until she gets home?

That’s when I notice some of her clothes on the bed that she’d just changed out of a few hours earlier. I grab her blouse and can smell her. I look down and notice her skirt and her knickers. I can’t believe how aroused I am. Nope. I can’t wait for her to come home — I need to cum now!

I rummage through the top drawer of a bedside cabinet and find some lube. This takes the stroker to an even more realistic feel. My dick is rock hard. But something is missing and that’s my wife. But this is the silkiest of strokers, glistening with a lot of lubrication, which helps me come to a realization that my wife might not be with me but I can pretend she is.

I grab the knickers and take a deep breath, which brings right back into the moment. Don’t judge me! It feels so good that I don’t even remember the next minute or so. I’m only brought back to reality when I hear a door close.

Wait! Who’s that?

A moment of terror comes over me, instead of me coming over myself — I hear footsteps and someone calling my name.

But the voice is exactly what I need to hear — it’s my wife, who’s returned home, and is calling my name. While it’s nice to hear your name when in the throes of ecstasy, this is bad timing.

I throw the stroker down on the bed just as my wife walks in the room. I’m only wearing a t-shirt, her panties are on the floor in front of me, and I can feel my face going red with embarrassment. Before I can say a word, my wife is on her knees in front of me, with my rock-hard dick in her mouth — did I mention that my wife is one in a million?

It’s safe to say that my wife is as excited as I am. I’m about to cum when she stops sucking, and hops up on the bed while pulling her dress up and her panties down. Her legs are spread, with her juicy pussy ready for my mouth. She knows I love eating her pussy as much as she loves me eating it.

It doesn’t take me long to feel and hear that my wife is close to climaxing. I continue on the course in front of me, knowing her pussy almost as well as I know my own cock. I move my eyes up towards her face, to see her head thrown back on the bed, as are her arms. I see her right hand grab something from the bed, and without missing a beat, she hands me the stroker — no words are needed.

It only takes a moment for my cock to be in the stroker. I keep the rhythm on her pussy with my mouth, timing the stroking on my cock, like it’s my body pushing on her pelvic bone. I feel her pushing back on my face, with small orgasmic jerks, accompanied by some pretty sexy moans. She’s close. I’m not far behind, being super turned on by the taste of her pussy and the thought of being deep inside her — the lubed stroker is doing a great job of substituting for my wife’s most holiest of holes.

Her moans get louder, the pushing back against my face gets harder, and so does my cock that’s penetrating the stroker like it’s a perfect pussy. I keep the rhythm on her clit, even though I’m also in the throes of an orgasm.

In the moments following our amazing orgasms, I look up at my wife and mutter something. She doesn’t look down, and with one arm draped across her eyes, she barely replies to my inaudible mumble.

“How come we’ve never done that before?”

With the introduction of sex toys to our sex lives, we love Fridays even more than ever.

Anonymous - Bend, Oregon

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