10 Best Vibrators For Women

10 Best Vibrators For Women

10 Best Vibrators For Women

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner looking to purchase your very first sex toy or somebody who wants a new staple in the bedroom because these ten sex toys could change your world…

1. Bullet Vibrator

Discreet and petite, the bullet vibrator might not look like much, but it should not be underestimated! That’s why it’s quickly become a staple of many a woman’s bedroom. But it shouldn’t be relegated to your bedroom, since the discreet travel-friendly size means you can take it on your travels, just in case you need some ‘me time’ while away from home.

2. Dildo

The dildo is one of the more common sex toys for women, which varies in size, girth, look, and sensation — that means you can search out the perfect toy! Some have a realistic look and feel, which even include balls at the base! Find the dildo you like, and use it how you want — it’s really in your hands.

3. Vibrating Massager Wand

A wand can be used for magic, and nothing’s more magical than an orgasm, right? One of the original female stimulators, the vibrating massager, was first marketed as a back massager, but women quickly discovered its attributes in other areas. There are many different vibration patterns and various speeds, so wave your wand and put a spell on yourself.

4. Silicone Vibrator

The name is self-explanatory, yes, but the classic silicone vibrators should never be taken for granted! The silicone vibrator provides a gentle and versatile solo sex experience. If you want to take the action up a notch, look at the options that come with a finger loop and grooves, which help you get a better grip.

5. Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is iconic, but if you’re one of the few women who have yet to go down the rabbit hole, let us introduce you to what is now a classic! The rabbit vibrator is made up of a shaft, with one or two bunny ears at one end, which flutters against your clit while the shaft is used to penetrate. We’re pretty sure you’ll be interested in adopting this rabbit.

6. G-Spot Vibrator

There are many G-spot vibrators on the market, but all have the same purpose — to find your G-spot in a flash! Some are even waterproof for use in the bathtub, shower, or hot tub. If you’re looking for a toy to find your G-spot, you really can’t go past the G-spot vibrator.

7. Lipstick Vibrator

Besides being a surefire way to get you off, what’s the best thing about a lipstick vibrator? The discreet size and appearance! Designed to look like a tube of lipstick, it might not look like much when in a purse or handbag, but the lipstick vibrator produces strong vibrations that can lead to intense orgasms.

8. Egg-Shaped Vibrator

Egg-shaped vibrators are usually recommended to beginners who are experimenting with sex toys since they aren’t too complicated. It’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand and is curved all the way around to be able to reach all the right spots comfortably.

9. Butt Plugs

That’s right — butt plugs! Don’t miss out on backdoor pleasure sessions just because you’re a woman. You have thousands of nerve endings in all areas of your butt that are ready to be stimulated, so, big, small, or in between, choose the butt plug that works for you and try some anal play.

10. Finger Vibrators

Do you prefer to be a little more hands-on? As in, hands-on yourself? Then a finger vibrator is for you! Finger vibes make your finger vibrate to bring that little something extra when you’re going to town on yourself. Just slip it on your finger and slip it down the front of your knickers — you can take care of the rest.
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