Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Like its furry four-legged namesake, the modern-day rabbit vibrator comes in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Most agree that the best rabbit massager has a clitoral stimulator that resembles fingers or knobs, but there are even some with shafts that move, rotate, and thrust! No matter the design, the main goal of a rabbit vibe remains unchanged — and that’s maximum satisfaction.

Despite its popularity, some women (and their partners) aren’t entirely sure how to get the maximum pleasure from a rabbit vibrator. So, if you’re not completely comfortable with using a rabbit vibe, you might want to follow us down this rabbit hole…

Juice it

If your rabbit vibe uses batteries, make sure you got a fresh set in. If it’s rechargeable, make sure you’ve charged it for a fair amount of time, so you avoid the dreaded SRBS (Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome) — nobody likes to be interrupted at these times!

Get Used to the Controls

It’s easy to get excited and get right to the action with your new toy, but it pays to get to know how it works, especially the rabbit vibrator. You’ll notice that the rabbit has more buttons, which is because the shaft and the clitoral stimulator can be used together or separately — it offers much more than a standard vibe!

Don’t Forget the Lube

When using a lubricant with your rabbit vibrator, make sure it is compatible with the toy’s material and also your body. If you’re not sure what your sex toy is made from, err on the side of caution and go with a water-based lubricant. Lube is one of the most underrated sex toy supplements. It helps with both comfort and sensation.

Put it in Place

Ready? Put the shaft of the vibrator deep enough in the vagina, so the clitoral stimulator is close to the clit. You might need to adjust your position until the rabbit vibe hits all the right spots, but you’ll know when it does! Remember, there are no set rules on how to use a rabbit vibrator. You can use it while lying on your back or lying on your stomach; you can even use it for partner play — hold it in any position that feels good!

Switch It On

Now, turn on your rabbit! Remembering the second step, you can set the controls to your preferred settings. You might want to start with the lowest setting and slowly increase your pleasure. Spend some time experimenting with various levels of intensity as you play around with your new toy.

Do What Makes You Feel Good

OK, your rabbit is ready to burrow its way into your hole, which means pleasure is literally in your hands! Don’t be afraid to thrust your rabbit in and out! Maybe you’d like to turn it the other way around, so the clit stimulator is against your perineum? Maybe use it as an accompaniment while you get or give head. Do whatever you like, and don’t forget that rabbit vibes aren’t just for solo sessions; they are great for partnered sex too!

Buy The Rabbit

The rabbit vibrator is an all-rounder when it comes to sex toys because you can use it in various modes, speeds, and combinations while also being very valuable for masturbation and partnered sessions. So, now you’ve found your way down this rabbit hole, what are you waiting for?
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