5 Steps To Achieving A Prostate Orgasm

5 Steps To Achieving A Prostate Orgasm

5 Steps To Achieving A Prostate Orgasm

Did you know that men have a mysterious gland called the prostate? It's a walnut-sized gland that produces some of the fluid that makes up semen.

The prostate is also known as the 'P-spot' AKA the 'male G-spot' because it brings on an intense and unique climax when stimulated with a prostate massager, anal beads, or anal plug.

So, if you truly want to please your man, it pays to get to know the prostate. Here are five tips to help with that and achieve the ultimate prostate orgasm!

  1. Talk About It

Sure, there are lots of people who love prostate play, but it's not for everybody — so don't suddenly decide to surprise your partner with a finger or anal beads in the butt if you've never spoken about it! Talking to your partner about anal play will remove any stigma or apprehension around the subject and any unpleasant surprises. 

  1. Get Prepared

Relaxation is a key part of having a prostate orgasm, and being clean helps you relax, so it pays to make sure it's a safe space down there for everyone involved. This is easy with the an intimate anal cleanser to flush out any nasty stuff, so you can focus on the pleasure and not the anxiety of what could show up. 

  1. Get Warmed Up

If a person is nervous or uncomfortable, their keister tightens up, and that's a huge no-no with anal play and penetration! To truly enjoy prostate pleasure, you need to be relaxed — yes, you might be noticing a theme! Set the mood with some sensual body massage, and some foreplay on erogenous zones, like nipples, necks, and genitals, before moving towards the butt.

  1. Get Out The Lube

Lubrication is vital for any penetrative anal play. That's because your butt does not self-lubricate, so it's all up to you. Lubing up helps to protect the sensitive tissues from tearing and gives a much-needed buffer for better comfort and more pleasure — and comfort and pleasure are paramount. There are plenty of great anal lubes so get one that's made for anal play for best results.

  1. Just Do It!

Whether it's fingers, a toy, or a prostate massager, make sure to insert it slowly and stop once it's a few inches inside you. A prostate massager is a perfect introduction to exploring your prostate pleasure zone. They're made from smooth and silky silicone, with delicate proportions and a tapered shaft to contour to the natural ridges of your rectum — perfect for your rear end. The sensation can be further enhanced with a vibrating toy, so you can dial it up or dial it down to explore new sexual adventures safely.

Are You Hot For The P-Spot?

All men will agree that penile orgasms are fantastic, but why should it stop there? We hope that a prostate massager and these tips and tricks will lead to even more amazing full-body orgasms! 

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