5 Sex Toys You May Not have Heard Of

5 Sex Toys You May Not have Heard Of

5 Sex Toys You May Not have Heard Of

Are you bored with your dildo and looking for something different and exciting? Maybe you’re new to experimenting with sex toys, or even yourself, and looking to get off to a good start? Beginner, or experienced, here are five sex toys that you might not know about but definitely should — and just how good each can make you feel.

  1. Vibrating Massager Wand — It’s Your Magic Wand

The vibrating wands are the “OG” of female stimulators. There are many types of vibrating massager wands, which have different vibration patterns and various speeds. It’s ideal to masturbate at your leisure and take your time to test out all the different patterns and speeds to see what you enjoy during your solo sex sessions. Let this magic wand wave its magic spell on you.

  1. Fingers Vibrator — Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Do you normally use your fingers to get off? If so, you need to know about the finger vibrator. A finger vibe does just what its name implies, making your finger vibrate to add that little something extra. It simply slips over a finger, so you can slip it down to where it feels best.

  1. Butt Plugs — Knocking at Your Back Door

There’s no doubt you’re aware of a butt plug, but you might not be aware that butt plugs aren’t just for men! You don’t have a prostate, but you do have thousands of nerve endings all-around your backdoor, which feels really, really good when stimulated. But make sure to douche that particular hole before you use a butt plug for the first time, and don’t skimp on the lubrication, ‘cause the interior of your derrière is quite delicate and susceptible to cuts and tears.

  1. Egg-Shaped Vibrator — These Are No Yolk

Egg-shaped vibrators are usually recommended to beginners who are experimenting with sex toys. With a rounded, curved design — you know, like an egg — this device fits easily in the palm of a hand and can hit all the right spots. But it’s not just beginners who will have fun with egg-shaped vibrators since the different styles and intensities make for a fun toy that keeps on giving.

  1. Lipstick Vibrator — Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

Yes, good things come in small packages, especially when you’re the one who cums! That’s why you should never judge a sex toy by its size since some — like the Lipstick vibrator — are a powerful way to bring you to orgasm. The stylish vibe is petite and discreet, making it the favorite of many women who like to keep it on hand for some private time.

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