Sex Slang From Around The World

Sex Slang From Around The World

Sex Slang From Around The World

Sex. Intercourse. Boning. There are many ways of doing it and even more ways to describe the act of doing it. Some of these terms are pretty formal, while others are less formal. Some are known worldwide, with others only used in their country of origin, but we know you'll laugh when reading this list of sex slang from all around the world…

Around the World

Speaking of around the world, the first is just that: around the world! What does someone mean when they've been around the world with their partner? Well, if they haven't traveled and explored the planet, it means they've just stayed home and explored each other — in particular, engaging in oral, vaginal, and anal sex in one session.


Yeah, baby! Nah, we're not excited about a particular kind of carpet. But Austin Powers, the character who helped popularize the use of 'shag' in the Nineties, definitely would be happy with this term (and also the type of carpet). If you're British or know someone who is, you've probably used one form of this word when you're looking for a 'shag,' with someone who's shaggable.'

P into V

P into V? The 'p' is for 'penis,' with the 'v' being for 'vagina' — you might not have heard of this term, but we're sure you probably worked it out. It originated in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and is mostly used by millennials all over the world. 


In essence, it means the act of sexual intercourse. But there is also the 'dry' hump, which is grinding with clothes on, and the 'wet' hump involves no clothes and no penetration. You can dry hump, then wet hump, before the actual hump — all in one session. That's a lot of humping. 


You know you've been snowballed when you cum in your partner's mouth, and they move up to give you a big (extra) wet kiss, which is when they pass the semen into your mouth. That's how you snowball. Tis the season!


Rooting in public is something that's accepted in the United States, but not Down Under in Australia or New Zealand. Why? Because rooting means cheering to Americans, but it means fucking — you know, to get busy, get down and dirty, fornicate, fuck, make love or make babies — to Aussies and Kiwis. 

Bumping Uglies

The 'uglies' refers to the penis or vagina, and the bumping means the action of bringing these together, whether it's a wet hump or penetration. Don't be offended if someone uses this term when you're about to 'root' or put the P into the V because they don't mean your particular genitalia is ugly — it's a reference to all genitalia looking pretty weird.  

Toss the Salad

Nope, we don't mean preparing a green salad. We mean 'tossing the salad,' as in when you go ass-to-mouth and lick all around the butthole and penetrate it with your tongue. Who knows, you might have already tossed a salad and just not known what to call it. 

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