5 Self-Love Hacks For Women

5 Self-Love Hacks For Women

5 Self-Love Hacks For Women

OK, when using the term' self-love,' we're referring to something pretty intimate — the physical act of loving yourself AKA masturbating AKA getting yourself off! Not much else brings so much pleasure, so easily as an orgasm. The big O! This self-love act can help alleviate stress, which is important for maintaining your mental health and well-being. So, here are 5 self-love hacks for women, which are also very pleasurable!

  1. Hands-On

We'll begin this list with the obvious, and that's the humble dildo. It's one of the more popular sex toys, thanks to the variety of shapes, sizes, and shades that a dildo can come in. There's the standard dildo, the textured dildo, the lifelike dildo, the strap-on dildo, the double-ended dildo, and even fantasy dildos that look like unicorn horns or Thor's hammer. Plus, the traditional dildo is still analog in a digital world — you control the penetration and stimulation.

  1. Good Vibrations

If dildos are analog, does that mean vibrators are digital? As in, a 'digi-tool'! Like the dildo, this list was always going to include the vibrator, which is a broad term for a sex toy that vibrates under power. This includes the classic silicone vibrator, the iconic rabbit vibrator, the egg vibe, the magic wand, the specialized G-spot vibrator, and the discreet lipstick vibrator. These vibrators can also be bought in various shapes, sizes, and shades — not to mention, sensations!

  1. Get Wet

Has reading this list made you wet? We hope so! If not, we know a surefire way of getting things nice and wet, using some lube! If you're not in the right mindset or don't have the right stimulation, using some lube will help get things started downstairs. Lube is also a must when you're playing with sex toys. It takes the experience to a whole new level of pleasure. Plus, it also helps to prevent tears or bruising to your most intimate of areas. Remember: only use water-based lubricants with your sex toys!

  1. The Backdoor

Many women don't know about the pleasure that comes with anal play because of the stigma surrounding it. Don't make that mistake! After all, you have thousands of nerve endings in and around your backdoor that feel really, really good when stimulated. One simple but effective way of doing that is to use a butt plug, which — just like any sex toy — are available in a range of sizes and shapes. You can start small or go big, but you need to remember that this particular exit/entrance doesn't have its own lubrication, so always lube that butt plug up with an ample amount to make sure it slides in and out with no damage.

  1. Sensory Deprivation 

A blindfold isn't just for couples engaging in some BDSM! It's also a simple and clever way to bring even more excitement to your private ménage à Moi sessions, which can also help you get to know your body even better. If you take away sight, your other senses become more sensitive, which is always a positive when you're talking about a soft finger on a wet clit.

It's always a good thing to explore yourself and discover what works and what doesn't work. It will bring you pleasure and help you become more confident in your sex life, too.

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