Sexy Activities For Singles

Sexy Activities For Singles

Sexy Activities For Singles

Sick of swiping left and right? Delete that dating app (or apps) and try something new, which is actually something old — meeting people while doing things! It could be something clichés, like speed dating, or something niche, such as a sensual cooking class. Whatever you choose from these activities for singles, you’ll be putting down your phone, and getting up and going out… and maybe getting in with someone special.

  1. Sensual Cooking Classes

There’s an adage that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While that’s not necessarily true, it is a good place to begin. After all, if you don’t meet someone who pulls at your heartstrings or hits your G-spot, you’ll still have learned how to cook something delicious. If all goes your way, you’ll have some laughs and get saucy with someone special. Then, you might end up forking, followed by some spooning. Just remember to use condiments, so there’s no chance of a bun in the oven!

  1. Speed Dating

We live in a fast-paced world, filled with easy, instant gratification — that includes using technology to find potential love! You can keep the fast-paced aspect with speed dating, and you’ll actually be able to look at a person and not a screen. With the right match, there will be even more banter, and you’ll be able to instantly tell if there’s any chemistry before agreeing to meet up for a real date. Even better, you ladies won’t have to deal with unsolicited dick pics!

  1. Singles Retreats

Looking for somebody to love? How about just a hot body to make love to? If the answer was ‘yes’ to either of those questions, you might be interested in something a bit more adventurous than speed dating — such as heading abroad to a singles retreat for a sexy vacation. There’s nothing better than flying to an exotic location, such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, and enjoying yourself with others who are looking to do the same. It’s not all about finding someone to love, either, as most retreats also help you love yourself by offering classes for yoga, meditation, and even tantric sex. Some swingers resorts have sex toys in the rooms! And you can sign up for excursions that may include some consensual sex with friendly couples or singles. Plan ahead and bring lube and condoms with you!

  1. Singles Gym Classes

The one time you will want to meet someone when you’re all sweaty, with no makeup, and in your sweats is when you’re at the gym — specifically, a gym class for singles. While not all towns or cities offer these classes, that doesn’t mean you can’t — or won’t — meet someone while working out. There is etiquette to follow at the Y, which normally includes keeping chitchat to a minimum. But no single guy is going to ever shh someone who compliments him on his build. If things go your way, you’ll be getting hot and heavy in the gym and also in the bedroom.

  1. Dog Walking

True love can be found while holding the lead attached to a collar. Now, depending on your kink, this could be at a BDSM club night! But many people have found true love or just someone to make love with while walking their dog. Sure, it’s not as sexy as a dedicated activity like the aforementioned sensual cooking classes or singles retreats. Still, the wholesome act of walking your best friend with the possibility of meeting another best friend (with benefits) is rewarding enough.

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