Top 5 Anal Euphemisms

Top 5 Anal Euphemisms

Top 5 Anal Euphemisms

degrading or offensive, but today, most are just a funny way to imply anal sex. Let's take a look at the funniest anal euphemisms we could find.

Browning Your Sausage

Obviously, a euphemism suggested by a white guy, this implies that by sticking your dick in someone's ass, it will darken your junk with poop. We hope your partner uses an intimate anal cleanser to avoid browning your sausage. It sounds like a great way to start the day with breakfast in bed!

Check the Oil

Completely unrealistic, check the oil refers to an excess of feces on any accessory or body part after being inserted into the ass. As above, we hope your partner uses an anal cleanser, but even if they don't, most shit stays in the ass until expelled on purpose. It makes me wonder why these euphemisms focus on crap instead of orgasm, but hey, let's not judge. 

Plunder the Booty

According to the Urban Dictionary, the literal meaning of plunder the booth is 'to have anal sex,' consensually, of course! It is fun to think about some hot couple dressing up like pirates before losing the costumes and getting their sexy on up someone's ass. We just hope they use some anal douche and some anal trainers to clean and loosen things up. Anal lube is another excellent addition to your plunder the booty role-playing experience.

Riding the Hersey Highway

I love that almost half of these euphemisms have to do with shit. I mean, anal sex is fun! These make it sound like a punishment after you've been caught cheating with your best friend's spouse. All I know is that a ride on the hersey highway sounds like a deliciously good time. And if you really want to mix things up, try reversing roles and let the female partner fuck her man up the ass; that would really be a ride! And it might just tickle his p-spot and help him achieve a prostate orgasm! 


We found several meanings for this euphemism. The obvious one that the anus can look like a starfish and fishing for one means you may just stick something in that tight little hole. Alternatively, it's when someone too tired to fuck lays spread eagle on the bed to be taken. We prefer the first version, with lots of lube and condoms, and perhaps some sex toys.

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